Friday, February 26, 2010


You know life is too hectic when you've got three books piled on your nightstand.  And, despite this blog heading, I can only partly blame the action in Vancouver.  Between jazz band, lacrosse, basketball and the upcoming school musical, my kids have kept me in chauffeur-mode for much of the week.  Just trying to keep my head above water, working, driving and definitely just writing-on-the-side!  That said, I have promised myself a few cozy hours by the fire this weekend.  Here's what I'll be reading...

In anticipation of the sequel, THE TIMEKEEPER'S MOON, coming out next month, and on the recommendation of my nine-year-old who could not put this one down, I MUST finish Joni Sensel's THE FARWALKER'S QUEST.

My thirteen-year-old has become a huge  Gordon Korman fan.  POP moved him so much that he was talking about it for literally weeks.  And he says SCHOOLED is great, too, so I've gotta get on that bus!

I'm hooked on everything John Green--his karma, his website, his blog and, of course, LOOKING FOR ALASKA.  So, there's nothing for it but AN ABUNDANCE OF KATHERINES.

Having library books sitting waiting for me at the table is tantalizing fun.  Despite the frustration of not having finished them all (and the very real possibility of some library fines this month), I am much happier seeing the books there than looking at an empty wooden tabletop.

Have the Olympics interfered with your reading time?  Let's commiserate.  Or feel free to suggest some more titles to pile on my table.  And many thanks!

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Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Hi Stasia, nice to meet you!

LOVE the Olympics! I blame it for not reading, not writing and all sorts of other things, too . . . :-)