Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bad Blogger!

I missed posting yesterday so I admit, I was a bad blogger BUT I was a pretty good writer and marketer.  After an amazing weekend at the always fantastic SCBWI Western Washington Annual Conference, I got home excited and inspired in a million ways--to work on my new manuscript, to submit to agents, and to share with the many authors with whom I work some new ideas about promoting their books.  So, unfortunately, the blog wound up in last on the "To Do" list.

So, a day late, here are some thoughts on the conference.  The first observation I must make is that EVERY KEYNOTE was amazing.  This is quite an achievement and a tribute to the conference planners.  From Laini Taylor's delightful examination of her writing life to Jay Asher's heartwarming, encouraging story of his twelve-year journey to publication, and from Mitali Perkins' impassioned advocacy for having a mission statement to keep your writing life on track to Peter Brown's hilarious yet thoughtful approach to his writing and illustrating career, I felt happy and grateful to have been there to hear each one one of these addresses.

Really enjoyed hearing the passionate, professional Barbara Fisch and Sarah Shealy of Blue Slip Media.  In separate presentations, agents Edward Necarsulmer IV and Paul Rodeen shared their love for literature and their busines savvy.  Wonderful authors, including Lisa Graff, Deborah Hopkinson and Sundee Frazier provided great observations about the craft of writing.  Frankly, the toughest thing about the conference was that I couldn't attend all of the sessions--I missed Sara Crowe, Suzanne Selfors, Jordan Brown...  Too many opportunities, too little time!

On that note, I've received several emails from folks who attended (or missed) my presentation on School & Library Appearances.  As previously mentioned, I'm happy to share my notes.  Just fixing up the grammar a bit and will have them available next week.

Again, a wonderful weekend and a testament to the value of the SCBWI for writers and illustrators at all stages.


Barbara Fisch, Blue Slip Media said...

Stasia, you are so fortunate to be part of this amazing, talented group! It was great to meet you as well!

Stasia said...

Thanks, Barbara. It was a lovely weekend--you can count on SCBWI Western WA to put together great events. Our AdCom is amazing.

Dawn Simon said...

I'm just seeing this now. Yes, I've been a bad blogger this week as well. ;)

The conference was wonderful, and it was really nice seeing you, as always. You are such a talented writer, Stasia. Great things will come.