Friday, April 2, 2010


Today's post will be brief as I am focusing much energy on preparing for my presentation at the SCBWI Western Washington Chapter's annual conference next weekend. My presentation is entitled "Making School & Library Appearances a Strong Part of Your Promotional Platform." Meanwhile, I have a question for you that came up when I contacted Kim Norman, author-illustrator and founder of the very useful blog Author Visits by State (my interview with Kim will be posted next week). Kim asked me how I'd found her site.

Here was my reply: I came by your site via a typically convoluted blog journey. I follow, and there I found a post about the Library-Loving-Blog-Challenge, which led me to for a list of participating authors. There, I spotted Michelle Knudsen and, being a fan of THE LIBRARY LION, I switched on over to her blog where I found you listed in the sidebar.

Trust me, I cannot always be this specific! However, my dialogue with Kim made me wonder about research and exploration via blog links. Which leads me to THREE QUESTIONS for readers here:

1. Can you retrace your steps to a favorite blog or website?

2. Can you describe the most common way(s) people find your blog or website on the Internet?

3. How did you find this blog?

I'd be grateful for your replies!


Suzanne Williams said...

Can I retrace my steps to a favorite blog or website? Rarely! As you've already described, it's usually a convoluted process of linking from one blog to another as a site or link catches my interest. I have no idea how people find my own blog or website. I found yours by the Convolution Method.(I just now coined that name.) I wish I was going to the conference next weekend. I'd love to hear your talk!

Stasia said...

The "Convolution Method"--love it! Sorry to be missing you at SCBWI next weekend. Just let me know if you'd like a complete transcript--a special for followers :) Cheers!