Monday, May 24, 2010


Sometimes it's hard to warm up to Mondays.  My solution?  Do a little redecorating here at the blog (see nice, new broken-out blog lists?), eat two pieces of chocolate-dipped marzipan before lunch, and spend a bit too much time perusing the Armchair BEA blog (recommended if you, like me, can't be in NYC for Book Expo America in person this week). 

After that, I was ready for a few hours of work.  Then, 2,000 words on the new ms.  You heard it! I'm in that first-romance-frenzy period where the words just pile onto the page and I can't get enough.  I'm in love with my main character and can't wait to discover how she works out all her angsty teen problems and gets to the end of the summer.  Structurally, I'm trying something new that's pretty interesting, too.

Also had a wonderful chat with my new editor today and, as a result, I've got a sense of the timetable for what comes next for AUDITION.  I am so excited to work on revising that book and so, not only am I racing through the new story but I have AUDITION revisions to look forward to--kind of an awesome summer plan (better than, say, a trip to Hawaii for us mole-people who really prefer the keyboard to the beach).

So, there's not much literary or marketing insight here.  Just a quick update on my day.  Wondering how you warm up to the start of the week.  And sending you good Monday karma before I crack open my book.


Molly Hall said...

Sounds like a lovely Monday! And I love the redecorating. Snazzy. I keep meaning to spruce up my blog lists. One of these days! Mondays I am still usually in the bliss of having written over the weekend. The story is still fresh and alive for me. It's Thursday nights... after having been beaten down by the week, that my writing mojo is a bit flat. SO happy for you about the lovely new story and the upcoming edits! Woo hoo! What an exciting place to be! : )

Lisa_Gibson said...

Well, I'm a little late, it's Tuesday. But, happy Monday anyway. I love it when I'm working on something new and it just flows onto the page so well. Hope it's a Super Tuesday for you as well.

Tahereh said...

hahaha i know exactly what you mean. sometimes, the thought of being alone with the words in my head sounds infinitely more appealing than a loud vacation.

i wish you all the best!!

Carrie Harris said...

Yeah, I was disappointed not to make it to BEA either, but then I realized I could taunt the attendees with my word count.

I'm so nice. ;)

Glad to hear your WIP is rocking along nicely!

Stasia said...

Molly, interesting that Thursday is your slow-start day--will have to take a survey sometime about the toughest writing day of the week.

Getting back to you on Wednesday, Lisa. In truth, I posted so late on Monday, it was probably already Tuesday in most of the world :)

Happy writing to Tahereh, Carrie and all of you!