Saturday, June 12, 2010


Last night, in a frenzy of writing procrastination, I was traveling the blogosphere.  My first great discovery was that the delightful Presenting Lenore had joined the Bloggiesta at Maw Books.  Such a cool idea!

Given my myriad reading and writing deadlines this week, I resisted the INTENSE urge to join the Bloggiesta myself.  I continued my cyber journey, noticing that a few folks had changed up their layouts.  So, of course, despite my attempt to resist the Bloggiesta (which involves upgrading and enhancing your blog), I went back and tried Blogger's new design options.  An hour later (and now purple instead of pink and grey), I noted my compulsion for blog tweaking on my Facebook status and received these fun replies:

"Revision is an addiction."  This from Molly.

"Ours is not to reason why..."  This from Sylvie who doesn't have a blog but should. Her reviews on Goodreads are very smart.

Now, as mentioned earlier, I am swamped with reading and writing deadlines, so really I should be reprimanded for this post.  But, alas, it is cleansing to confess one's compulsions so perhaps it will free me up for some good work today. 

Hope your weekend is happy and productive!


Dawn Simon said...

Love the new layout! Now you have me thinking about mine...darn it!

Good luck getting your work done today, and have a wonderful weekend!

Sylvie said...

Aw, high praise, indeed!