Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The virtual world has helped many once-lonely writers find camaraderie and support while still sitting at their keyboards. We've become well-versed in blog following, Facebook friending, tweeting and retweeting. Sometimes we lament the amount of time it takes to travel and participate in the bloggerverse (time we could be writing our fiction). Should we turn off the internet connection? Add a word to the classic writing adage: butt-in-seat-OFFLINE?

While moderation is good in all things, the fact remains that I queried my agent because of good information I read about her online. I read many books because they are well-reviewed by bloggers I admire. Perhaps most important of all, when I feel myself sinking into despair, groaning with frustration or otherwise wanting to give up, there are a few bloggers who always lift my spirits or help me realize my troubles are shared with fellow writers -- I mean you, Tahereh and Elana! -- and enable me to get back to writing my fiction feeling a little less blue.

So, when I discovered that some of my bloggy favorites, including the dynamic duo of Lisa & Laura, were putting together an AMAZING, FREE, ONLINE writing conference so that ANY childrens/YA writer could look forward three great days in August learning about the craft and meeting kindred spirits, I just had to join them in helping to pay it forward by sharing the news with you.

Visit WRITE ON CON right now, read about the amazing conference faculty, and register for the fun!


lisa and laura said...

YAY! And rumor has it you're going to be contributing as well??? We're so happy to have an agent sister on board! And selfishly, we're excited about all the great info you're going to share with us!

Tahereh said...

woo hoo! i can't wait :D

Tahereh said...

omg i didnt realize you mentioned me!! *clutches heart* THANK YOU!