Friday, September 10, 2010

Fiction Friday: ADIOS, NIRVANA and Chicken Nuggets

Drawing my Random Acts of Publicity Week to a close, check out this great write-up of my critique group buddy Conrad Wesselhoeft's October debut novel ADIOS, NIRVANA.  Conrad is an absolutely wonderful writer.  He crafts every sentence, every paragraph, with such power and care.  It is a joy to hear him read during our critique group meetings.  I learn something every time.  Do make sure to add his terrific book to your to-read list.

I've got a September 20 deadline from my editor right now so I'm plugging through some line edits and trying to tighten up a few things in the ms.  Honestly, the pressure is starting to get to me, thus my children ate chicken nuggets tonight and it's Rice Krispies for breakfast. Wishing you a tastier weekend than we'll have at my house!


Sylvie said...

I'm sure they loved it. As kids, one of the best things about summers in Vermont was that we got to eat such delicacies as spaghetti sauce from a jar!

storyqueen said...

Two words: Crock Pot.

(Actually, I think it's one word...but whatever.)

Good luck on your deadline!


Stasia said...

Thanks, Sylvie & Shelley! Gotta laugh about the crock pot comment -- there's a pot roast in my crock pot as I write this :) Stasia