Friday, October 1, 2010


After studiously avoiding all reviews (not just spoilers) until my kids finished reading our household copy and finally passed it along to me (at one point we actually had two copies but we shared one with a neighbor--long story), tonight I begin reading MOCKINGJAY.  My kids are going a bit nuts waiting for me to finish so we can have a long talk about the book and the series.  I must admit that, while it was hard to wait, I am always nervous about the end of trilogies and part of me was almost content waiting.  Still, I've baked my walnut brownies and bought a box of my favorite tea and the plan is not to come up for air until I get to the last page--hopefully by Sunday.  Hope you're planning on some reading fun this weekend!


storyqueen said...


What a wonderful plan....brownies, tea and a great book.

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

i know wht you'll be doing this weekend!

thx for sweet comment on my picky eater :)

Dawn Simon said...

I'm reading MOCKINGJAY now, too. I picked up my copy the day after it was released, but I'm only getting to it now. The walnut brownies and tea sound perfect! Enjoy!