Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wordy Wednesday: A BLOG BY ANY OTHER NAME...

Should I change the subtitle of my blog?  The main title even?

When I started blogging about three years ago, I just wanted to discuss my journey as person (mom, choreographer, teacher, chauffeur, laundry goddess, pretty good cook, lousy housekeeper) and a writer.  Slowly, the blog morphed into a place where I shared my knowledge of book marketing and love of children's and YA literature though I was still a writer-on-the side.  Now, I am counting the months until I can see my work in print.  The blog is evolving again into a place where part of the story is about me as an author (wow!!!).  And, though I still write in stolen moments and, often, with a preschooler tugging at my arm, I don't quite feel like a writer-on-the-side anymore.

So, do I rename the blog after myself (feels a bit egotistical yet, perhaps, rather practical)?  Do I incorporate my name into the subtitle (though it might be tricky to do so and still have main title make sense)?  Or do I leave well enough alone?


Does not like decision-making.

Especially on Wednesdays.


Martina Boone said...

We recently had the same discussion over on our site. It's tough to know how to handle these things in a way that is going to maximize followers and be meaningful to them. We wish you luck in your deliberations!

Pam Harris said...

I think you should keep your title, but maybe add your name in the subtitle. :)

Sylvie said...

Decisions are hard for Libras!

For the record, I love your title.

Since my blog has the most egotistical name ever, I'm not sure I can give an unbiased opinion about changing it.

Julie V. said...

How about Writer-at-Starbucks? :-)

Seriously, I like your current title.
I like the happy picture from your previous post, but the serious one "looks more like you."

Stasia said...

Thanks for all the suggestions, Adventures, Pam, Sylvie & Julie! Decisions...argh!!!

Suzanne Williams said...

Stasia, you're a Writer on the Inside and Outside now!

Stasia said...

You're so sweet, Suzanne! I'm certainly trying. - Stasia