Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wordy Wednesday: Blog-xaustion

Ever have one of those days when you think the best writing you've done is in a comment on someone else's blog?  When the thought of sharing anymore on your own blog makes you want to nap?  When you realize you haven't posted or linked anything on Facebook in weeks and you don't really care?

Now, I write all of my blog posts the night before they post so, in the interest of accuracy, I'll say that YESTERDAY was one of those days for me.  I think it's the end of a sort of honeymoon phase after having my agent sell my first book.  I was in a frenzy of reaching out, wanting to meet all those other amazing writers (especially fledgling ones like myself) in the blogosphere and to test the virtual marketing waters.  What I've realized is that I am just one person and a mom-of-four, choreographer/teacher, and nearly-professional chauffeur at that.  Years ago, when I started this blog (long before book deal), I titled it Writer-on-the-Side because that what I was and, no matter how much I rail against it, there are just too many (adorable) people in my world for me to be just a writer, even now.

I try not to get too frustrated about this but it has, at this point, led to a bit of blog exhaustion.  Funny, I love to cook, too, but having to do it every night for my huge family makes even that pleasure feel old sometimes.  I think the exhaustion is also partly because I'm in heavy revision mode (no NOT for AUDITION, for the new MS).  And I'm not sorry.  Honestly, now that I've got a book coming out I just want to keep working, writing and revising more material.  And writing time, as always, is precious and limited.

BUT, as a person who adores deadlines (compulsive rule follower--c'est moi), I do enjoy the discipline of the M-W-F post schedule and all there is to learn out there in the cyberverse.  So, I'm going to keep chugging a long.  It might not be pretty all the time, but every writer knows that's just how it goes.

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