Friday, November 12, 2010

Fiction Friday: UN-FRYING THE EGG

Why is it that I feel I'm heads-down-writing all the time?  Oh, yeah, because I am.  Weird thing is that I'm both loving it and feeling overwhelmed and afraid I'm on the verge of burn-out all the time.  In essence--I'm afraid I'm getting fried.
In the interest of keeping up this pace (which is often, between waves of despair and anxiety,quite joyful), I've decided to make a list of ways to sooth the heat, keep burnout at un-fry the creative egg.

1. A cup of hot apple cider and dark chocolate with bits of toffee in it.
2. Running on the treadmill while watching Regis (who can help admire a guy who's so old yet so much like the Energizer bunny?).
3. Showering with a ridiculously expensive body wash that has a fancy name but really just smells to me like tangerines.
4. GLEE (even the weaker episodes).
5. Reading favorite blogs and leaving comments to make sure their writers know how much I LOVE them!
6. Reading poems by Henry Taylor or Emily Dickinson.
7. Making a giant pot of soup that will last for days.
8. Surprising my kids at the bus stop with Starbucks hot chocolates and letting the conversation roll as we drive home super-slowly.
9. Singing show tunes--and sometimes through entire musicals (warning, neighbors, I am LOUD).
10. Dancing around the house in stocking feet.

How do you UNFRY?


JEM said...

OH, I love it! My weekly unwind is a big weekend breakfast with my delicious french-press coffee.

Stasia said... french-press coffee! Thanks for stopping by, JEM! - Stasia

Dayana Stockdale said...

Oh boy! Dancing around the house, making soup and watching glee are some regulars for me! I'll have to try the rest :)

Becca Puglisi said...

These are awesome! For me: Reading a really good book. Watching a movie I've seen a million times. Cracking open a cold Mountain Dew. Taking a walk with my kids and watching my daughter run down the road ahead of me.

Stasia said...

Nice to meet a fellow Gleek, Dayana. And, I love walking with my kids, too, Becca. Thanks to you both for stopping by! - Stasia

Angela Ackerman said...

I love this list and agree, it is SO important! Writers don't shut off at five. We go and go and go, and when we aren't writing/plotting/researching/reading, we feel guilty for not doing those things (or I do!).

I absolutely love suprising my kids when I pick them up after school. Once I picked up Little Ceasar pizzas to eat on the way home, because they are always starving it seems (Teenagers!)

Anyway, it's the little things like this that really help me de-stress, too. :)

Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

WritingNut said...

Aye, I know how you feel! Great list :)

For me, it's cooking, reading or just watching TV, but it's true.. sometime it's just hard to turn the "writer" off.

Sylvie said...

I suspect Flying Fox shower gel as your tangerine luxury, but maybe that's just because I love Lush bath bombs for unwinding. Or, if I'm feeling energetic, one of my stairway walks while listening to my favorite podcasts.

Stasia said...

Agreed, Angela, there's nothing like surprising the kids. Glad you like the list, WritingNut! And, nope, Sly, the overpriced tangerine smell came from Elizabeth Arden (though Kevin loves Lush shave soap!). Thanks, all, for stopping by with ideas to un-fry! (Okay, a bad rhyme--sorry.) - Stasia