Monday, December 13, 2010

Back-to-Business Monday: AUTHOR BIO ADVENTURES

Well, my website author bio is written.  It's too long.  But I'm going to let it simmer a few days (just like a manuscript, though I let those simmer longer) and then, hopefully, edit it down.  Meanwhile, here are two fun pix and some bio-related thoughts.

I'm the littlest one in tutu- right

Ballerina-me at age 16
 1. As I wrote the bio, I realized that some of this material might be better in another part of the website, such as an "advice to writers" page or as part of my also-coming-in-March A YEAR OF AUDITIONS blog.

2. In this process, I've realized that I spent about a decade dancing before every trying writing, so it's hard to make the early-life part seem like a writer bio when it's mostly a dancer bio.  (This problem remains unresolved.)

3. I remember quite clearly when I started to enjoy writing (eighth grade).

4. I am not hugely fond of writing about myself.  Much prefer writing fiction.  Even doing revisions :)


Caroline Starr Rose said...

Wasn't it laborious to write the bio??

I don't think I knew about your ballet side! I danced for ten years and am still so moved by ballet (more than once I've cried staring at the velvet curtain before a performance or just sobbed while watching the show).

I think it's interesting we both write in verse, which usually holds emotional, visual and rhythmic components, much like the world of dance.

Stasia said...

Ooh, cool that you're a member of the ex-ballerina-writer-club, Caroline. And I do feel that there's some sort of connection between dance and verse. Thanks so much for stopping by (and agreed, the bio writing is VERY laborious). Hope all is going well in your writing world.

Karen Strong said...

I actually love reading author bios. :)

Add me as a member of the ex-ballerina-writer-club. Like Caroline, I took ballet for ten years. My fondest memories are those that happen during this time of year -- Nutcracker productions!

I'll definitely have to put your book on my TBR list when it comes out next Fall.

Sylvie said...

Why do I all of a sudden want frozen raisins? I'll be thinking of you later this week when I finally go see The Nutcracker again after so many years.

Stasia said...

Thanks for the follow (and for adding my book to your TBR list), Karen--kinda thinking of forming an ACTUAL ex-ballerina-writer club :)

Have fun at the Nutcracker, Sylvie. It always makes me feel extra Christmas-y!