Monday, January 3, 2011

Back-to-Business Monday: BLOGGIESTA

Is improving your blog on your list of New Year's resolutions?  Head on over to Maw Books for the 4th Edition of ...

I've been doing quite a bit of blog maintenance lately, but I'm thinking the Bloggiesta will give me the kick I need to really ramp things up.  Things I'm considering for my Bloggiesta to-do list:

1. Enhance connections.  Joined Elevensies, YALITCHAT and some other cool groups but haven't effectively connected them to the blog.  Going to learn more and make this happen.
2. With my new Kindle at the ready, recommitting to making every Fiction Friday about a newly-read (mostly newly in-print) book.
3. Similarly, refocusing back-to-business Mondays to share more information from my decade-plus of experience working in Education/Library marketing for various trade publishers.
4. Contests...contest...CONTESTS.  Adding at least one contest per month to the blog.
5. Readying A YEAR OF AUDITIONS blog--a sort of forum for writer-performers to share their stories--in conjunction with my author website launch (coming in March).  This includes taking on a few blog partners--hopefully writers with arts backgrounds (LET ME KNOW IF YOU'RE INTERESTED).

Gonna join me?  What's your plan?  Leave a comment AND never hesitate to share some advice!


Karen Strong said...

You've been busy! :) Looks like you have a lot of great things planned for the blog. I'll be tuning in.

I've really been enjoying my Kindle. I find it's making me reading MORE (and that's scary).

Stasia said...

Thanks for stopping by, Karen. I'm finding the same thing with my Kindle--reading like crazy :) Happy New Year to you!

Dawn Simon said...

Wow! That's quite a to-do list!

Yay about the new Kindle! I have an e-reader now too! I'm so excited!

Happy New Year!

Stasia said...

WELCOME BACK, Dawn! So great to see you back on the interweb. Happy New Year to you, too.