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LIAR SOCIETY BLOG TOUR: An Interview with Lisa & Laura Roecker

Let me start your weekend off right by introducing the DYNAMIC WRITING DUO and SUPER SISTER ACT of LISA LAURA ROECKER, stopping by on their BLOG TOUR OF AWESOMENESS for...

I had the pleasure of interviewing Lisa & Laura about their novel, especially the whole prep school setting--on of my favorites!  Here's what the sisters had to say:

1.Did you go to a private high school?
Lisa: Um, no.
Laura: We went to a very boring and ordinary high school. It was all brick and tile and orange and lime green.

2.What were your inspirations for creating Pemberly Brown?
Lisa: We wanted Kate to go to a school that could hold its own as a character. I went to Miami of Ohio (the "Harvard" of the Midwest, I'm not kidding) and we drew a lot of inspiration from their crazy traditions and legends.
Laura: I live near a pretty exclusive boarding school. They have an open campus so I could often be found watching young students as they roamed around town. It's not nearly as creepy as it sounds. Wait, actually it kind of is.

3. The complex relationships between school siblings and families play an important role in The Liar Society.  How did you keep that all straight when you were writing?

Lisa: We wanted Pemberly Brown to be the type of school where generations of families attended--old money and lots of skeletons in the closets.
Laura: And this will really come into play in future books. We loved the idea of giving PB a rich history with fascinating interconnected alumni.

4. How did you come up with the Latin phrases that mark the stations on campus?
Lisa: First we identified the stations and then researched famous Latin quotations that could represent them.
Laura: Eventually we had to map out the entire campus so we could actually see where everything needed to be positioned. But the Latin was a way for us to tie it all together. Plus it's kind of a snobby, exclusive-sounding language.

5. What do you think Kate wrote about for her admissions essay to PB?
Lisa:  A dissertation on the impact of America's Next Top Model on teens.
Laura: Her friendship with Maddie and Grace.

6. As a high school student, which one of you sisters was the most like Kate and why?
Lisa: I was probably most like Kate because I was a little snarkier than Laura.
Laura: I've always been more introverted, but that doesn't mean I wasn't thinking bout snarky one-liners. I just never got the chance to say them out loud.

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Pam Harris said...

Great interview! My cousin read this book and loved it--I'll be stealing it from her shortly. :)