Monday, April 18, 2011

Back to Business: A Guest Post and a Teen Fashion Statement

Today, I am guest posting at the blog of the delightful Christine Fonseca, answering the question

I hope that you will find the above-referenced guest post fun and interesting.


While I was attending the always amazing SCBWI Western Washington Annual Conference, my husband took my fourteen-year-old to an overnight lacrosse tournament at which he allowed him to do THIS:

Seriously, I was without words when this picture popped up on my phone.  Then a word came to me.  It was an expletive I won't repeat here.  Then I thought, well, at least he's expressing himself.  Attractive? No.  Expressive? You tell me.


Christine Fonseca said...

LOL! Don't you "love" those moments. Thanks so much for hanging out over on my blog today. I can't wait to return the favor and post over here - I should warn you...I found old pics. EEP!

Stasia said...

Oh yeah, a great moment :) I so enjoyed doing the guest post for you. Thanks for the invite. And can't wait to see the old pix!!

Jennifer said...

Aha, honestly, I think it's cute. My opinion on these kinds of things is that he's still a teenager; let him do it while he can. Unless he becomes a musician or an actor, then he can still do it when he's an adult, too. Ha!

Granted, I'm not a mother yet, but, I am an aunt to three. And my childhood is about to end in a couple months. So, first and second-hand experience talking here. :P

I've had my fair share of wild hair colors, a large number of piercings, among other things.

At least he is a boy and it will grow out in a few weeks anyways. (:

Stasia said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jennifer. Honestly, when I saw it in person, it wasn't so bad. He looked kinda like Puck from Glee. I wound up with five earring holes in my ears and some pretty interesting hair colors myself during the college years so, in the end, I guess I'm okay with it, too!