Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Bookanistas: Cover Love for PERFECT by Ellen Hopkins

I was so hoping to have the arc of this one so I could write a review for you today.  Happily, I've just found out the arc is on the way, though not in time. Still, in honor of the last Thursday of National Poetry Month, I thought I'd give it a little cover love.

Coming in September 2011
If you've never read an Ellen Hopkins verse novel, the amazing thing about them is their complex internal structure.  There are poems set, for example, so that reading the left-hand words only gives you another poem; shaped verses; poems with words trailing across pages like tears...I could go on. It's got to be challenging to typeset these babies! The designers do a wonderful job with her covers. They have a real brandedness--identifiable as Ellen Hopkins books right away--that is also so consistent with what's inside. Each cover is an artistic rendering of the book's title, in grains of meth, in jagged shards of glass, and so on. Raw and visually arresting, the covers highlight the plot AND the importance of language in verse novels. Here are a few more lovelies:

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Jessi said...

Ooh, this cover is beautiful! Somehow more delicate than her others, and I like that.

Beth S. said...

I haven't read Ellen Hopkins yet but I really want to. I have her book Identical sitting on my book shelf but I just haven't gotten around to reading it. Your thoughts on the way she writes makes me want to go pick it up right now!

Faith Pray said...

Wow, the covers are captivating! I will be on the lookout.