Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We Love Indies Day - with giveaway!

Organized by the dynamic duo of Lisa & Laura Roecker today writers, readers, bloggers and book people across cyberspace are celebrating their favorite independent bookstore. Here's mine:

In honor of its name, here are 3 reasons I love this place:

Me @ 3rd Place Books w/ a copy

1. My critique group meets there--it's an ideal place to hang out with bookish folks--and you often run into other amazing local writers who love spending time there, too.

2. Fantastic kids section with a Reading with Rover (kids read to dogs) program; awesome used books; best gifties -- there is no person, no occasion for which this place doesn't have the perfect book AND gift.

3. The Honey Bear Bakery.  Best thumbprint cookies in the world.  Yum.  Just yum.

So...last week after critique group, I bought a nice new copy of one of my favorite books, WILL GRAYSON, WILL GRAYSON to give away to YOU.  Just fill in your name and email below.

Share the indie love at your blog or, if you want to tweet about your favorite indie, use this hashtag: #IheartIndies).  Or, for even more indie adoration, swing by Lisa & Laura Roecker; Sarah Frances Hardy; Shana Silver; Elana Johnson; Shannon Messenger; Carolina Valdez Miller; Mundie Moms; Myra McEntire; Sara Bennett Wealer; Janet Gurtler; Joy Preble; Ty Drago; Kate Walton; Julia Karr; Randy Russell; Adele Griffin; Helen Landalf; Beth Revis; Tess Hilmo; Sheela Chari; Gayle Handler; Christine Fonseca.


lisa and laura said...

I LOVE the reading to dogs program--we have one at our library! Thanks for spreading the love, Stasia!

Diana Renn said...

My absolute favorite Seattle bookstore! I'm actually in town visiting my parents right now and am mere minutes away from there! Thanks for posting this!