Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wordy Wednesday: Label Fail

Sadly, my resolution to label all posts for easy referencing has fallen by the wayside? I'm doing it about as well as I do the South Beach diet. (Don't ask!)

Regardless, what label would I put on this post? Lame? Easily distracted? Well-at-least-I-posted?


Aurora Smith said...

lol. I always lable....not to brag. LOL :P

Sylvie said...

Hah! I was just thinking that I needed to come up with better labels. Good luck!

Stasia said...

So jealous, Aurora!
And yeah, Sly, the label thing is trickier than it seems--you want them to be sufficiently specific to be useful but not have too many terms. Or maybe I'm over-thinking it (shocker) :)

Trisha said...

You could label it with 'random' :D