Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordy Wednesday: Possesssion Virtual Launch Party Tomorrow!

What a busy week in cyberspace.  Tuesday, WriteOnCon, and...

Tomorrow at 9 PM EST, goddess-of-the-blogospohere, fellow Bookanistas, and awesome author Elana Johnson is holding a virtual launch party for her novel, POSSESSION.

You'll need to go here and then click on the "chat" tab.

I must admit that I've never actually participated in a virtual launch party.  I'm pretty much techno-stupid and these type of things scare me a little bit.  BUT that is actually why I am so excited to participate in Elana's event.  I know that it will be extraordinary and that I'll learn a ton--about her book and about how to have fun at a virtual fiesta.

So...I'll be there.  Hope you will, too.

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