Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordy Wednesday: THANK YOU

So, here we are at the scary three-months-to-pub date mark.  What have I been doing...?

1. Getting to know my publicists in the US and Australia. (thanks, gals!)

2. Connecting with bloggers for my blog tour. (thanks, gals--and guys!)

3. Working with a couple of techno-genius writer friends on fun virtual promotion projects. (thanks, gals!)

4. Meeting with my awesome Teen Readers Advisory Group. (thanks, lots of gals!)

5. Emailing with a few of my kids' favorite teachers to connect with more teens who might be interested in joining my Teen Readers Advisory Group. (thanks, gals & guys!)
6. Meeting with the Children's & Teen's Librarian at my local library to plan a writing workshop I'll be teaching in August. (thanks, Pam!)

7. Working with a dozen other writers to plan a super-cool, soon-to-be-announced project. (thanks, gals & guys!)

8. Saying thank you.  A lot. 

The book community -- writers, bloggers & reviewers, librarians & educators, publishing professionals, and many, many wonderful teen & adult YA readers--is a place of such enthusiasm, generosity, and all-around book love that it sometimes literally brings tears to my eyes.  I adore being part of this group and I hope that I make a contribution not just as a writer but as a reader.

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HelenL said...

Sounds like you're doing some cool stuff, Stasia!