Monday, August 29, 2011

Some pix from SCBWI-LA

I am a terrible photographer, both aesthetically (keep the heads in the frame, please!) and as-in I usually forget my camera or am too embarassed to ask people to pose for a snap.  That said, here are a few pix from an amazing conference.
Of course I must start with chocolate - the amazing finish at the SCBWI awards luncheon!

Quintessential LA - a vending booth not of candy or water but of acne cream.
Met an adorable troupe of dancers - here we are posing with Audition!
Lunch with awesome writer chics - mostly from Western Wa (our chapter rocks!).
Deb Lund, Molly Hall, ?, me, Sara Easterly, Sara Nickerson, Nuria Coe.
Me and awesome Bookanista pals Gretchen McNeil & Jessi Kirby
A big batch of Bookanistas at Rock Sugar, including
me, Gretchen McNeil, Jessi Kirby, Cori Jackson,
Shana Silver, Shelli Johannes Wells and Veronica Rossi


Unknown said...

How fun! Thanks for sharing these! :)

Molly/Cece said...

Good times! Good times. :)

Dawn Simon said...

Great pics! I love that you posed with the troupe of dancers! So cute!

Stasia said...

Thanks, Pk!
If you have a snap of us, Molly, please send!
And look out, Dawn, funny snap of us going up tomorrow :)