Monday, September 12, 2011

Have you checked out "Any New Books"?

So, I've kind of gotten to love this service.  I get their weekly updates on Children's, Art, and Teen publications.  It's fun to see what new books I can buy AND it serves as an illustrated ('cause the updates come with cover pix!) report of what's happening in a given genre week by week.

So, as I creep race toward my pub date, I sometimes get a little clutched noticing the preponderance of paranormal/dystopian next to the teensy little list of contemporary. 

Don't get me wong, I can't wait to read...Sapphique, Reckless, Torrent, Day of the Dead, The Shattering, The Poisoned House, Deadpool, Shelter, Vanish, The Hidden, After, Sweet Venom, All These Things I’ve Done (all on the New Books list for 9/8).
But, in case you're wondering, pretty much all that was left on September 8 list after that was Dear Bully (contemporary/anthology), The Beginning of After (contemporary), and one misfiled book on flower arranging (which honestly looked kind of interesting).

Just sayin...

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Unknown said...

Stasia--I am SO happy that you write contemporary. The beautiful thing is this: look how much better Auditions will do when those contemporary readers have so few to choose from. I hope that doesn't sound like a backhanded compliment. I just mean that there'll be less competition.

Contemporary may not be as popular, but the readers are faithful and hungry.

Those are my thoughts. ^+^