Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bookanistas: THE DAY BEFORE by Lisa Schroeder

I'm thrilled to be reviewing another verse novel--especially one with a layer of music!  Before jumping in, I did want to mention that I'll be opining on writing, dancing and bad boys at Novel Novice, in case you haven't had enough of my blog tour ;)

Plot without spoilers…An exceedingly complex family situation has turned Amber’s life into a mess of confusion. In an attempt to sort things out, she decides to run away to the beach—for just one day. But instead of peace, she finds Cade, whose life may be as full of heartache as her own.

Of literary interest…The Day Before is a novel in verse, a form dear to my heart. Beyond this, though, Lisa Schroeder intersperses letters from various past times that give the “day before” greater meaning. I also love the way the novel feels as evanescent, as fleeting, as the time that slips away from Amber and Cade as the story progresses.

Finally, just gotta say…As one verse/chapter title notes, there’s a very big “reveal” toward the end of the novel and I so don’t want to give it away. What I will say is that this novel is full of surprises and texture. I particularly enjoyed the way Cade’s band and its lyrics meshed into the story. And, oh, that romantic night at the beach…!

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