Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Books for Thought

What is the fate of the paper book? I was asked this question by journalism student and blogger Rachel Chinapen, who created this terrific video for a research project.  What do you think about the future of books versus e-books?

Books for Thought from Rachel A. Chinapen on Vimeo.

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Unknown said...

I get the convenience of ebooks, but I'll never prefer them over printed books. I enjoy holding a book and turning the pages. The only time I buy ebooks is when the books is only available in that format. Another thing that bothers me with ebooks is if the store you bought it from deletes the book from their library, it's automatically deleted from your library despite the fact that you bought it. Which makes no sense to me. When I buy a printed book, I can hold it in my hand. You can't do that with ebooks and that's why they never feel like their mine. It the same with downloading songs. I prefer buying the CD and then copying it to my computer. That way I can put it on my iPod and have a backup if I ever misplace the CD.