Monday, January 9, 2012

Dear Twitter Bots and other very random things for this Monday.

Just fyi, there are a zillion words and phrases (such as barf, acne, hair color, Tom Cruise) that I plan to use once and only once in my tweets. I wish you wouldn't retweet and follow based on these terms. I will only block you (and, if you're gross, report you). What is really the point of a "Barf Bot"? Bloggy friends, did you know such a thing exhists. And, a warning, before you use the word "mascara" in a Tweet--you better really want to learn a lot about cosmetics. Just fyi.

Stomach flu ripped through our house this week, so the fact that I managed 5,600 words this weeks makes me feel a little braggy. Especially since I got the flu myself and it came with a CRUEL migraine headache--the kind that hurts so much you can't even giggle because it makes your brain rattle painfully inside your skull.  That said, gonna give a shout-out to Aleve PM. That stuff rocks.

Before I got sick, drank a fantastic red wine, a 2006 Pirouette from the Columbia Valley. Just fabulous.

And, finally, while recovering on Sunday night, watched the entire first season of Showtime's EPISODES. Hilarious, intelligent, raw--great comedy. Almost great enough to make me spring for Showtime. Yeah, it was that good.  Tamsin Greig is SO my new girl crush even though she...Well, if I tell you what she does in Episode 7 it'll really spoil the season for you, so I'm gonna just say, well, I'm shutting up.

Doesn't get much more random than that, eh?

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Rebecca (RivkaBelle) said...

Twitter bots are beyond weird. I look at them sometimes and go "Seriously?" ::shaking head:: Whoever took the time to set up the program or however else the bots exist & follow/act CLEARLY had too much free time on their hands ;o) lol

Kudos for the word count-in-spite-of-stomach flu!