Monday, January 16, 2012

OMG - I Forgot to Blog!

It's MLK Day and the kids are home from school. There's a LOT of snow outside (by Seattle standards) which means we're pretty well stuck in the house.  After finishing up the family's post-holiday go-round of stomach flu, I'm still playing catch-up on a couple of freelance jobs.  I start teaching choreography for a local school musical I'm helping with tomorrow. And I'm trying to finish a new ms.

I don't know about you, but I get into a pretty weird head-space as I feel the words "the end" getting closer and closer.  Have I written enough? Too much? Is the mushy middle of the novel still too mushy? Are my secondary characters sufficiently well-drawn?  Is the book okay or will my mother be the only one who really likes it?  And it doesn't help to be overwhelmed with other stuff.

Translation: There's been some procrastinating going on.  Here are a few things I've done this past week in the time I didn't have to spare:

1. Wrote three poems about marriage and family that have nothing to do with YA manuscript.
2. Cleaned the playroom.
3. Reaffirmed my preference for cabernet over pinot noir.
4. Read my five-year-old a book (for 10-year-olds) on chess and tried to teach him to play.
5. Finished putting the holiday decorations away (while vaccuuming up the fake pine needles, came upon a piece of Easter grass, proving that I am not always so on top of the housekeeping scene).
6. Built a snowman with my kids...and a snow fort.

You'd think I'd have found the time to write my Monday blog post but, alas, as I sit down now to finish revising aforementioned freelance job, I realized that, no, blog still has Saturday's post.  So, for what it's worth, here's something.

Happy Monday! (I think)

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Sylvie said...

I'm a bit saddened by #3 (more pinot for me I guess), and shocked (shocked!) at the second part of #4.