Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Me and my manuscript - or - Metaphors for letting go

Yesterday, I hit the "send" button and off the new ms went to my lovely crew of beta readers. Also, I threw up. I'm actually still kind of nauseous. See, because I'm a perfectionist. And a control freak. Oh, and a massive chicken.

So, anyway, I was thinking about letting go and a few images came to mind

-The first time you release your toddler's hand and see him walk on his own all the while knowing his future is full of tumbles.
- The curtain rises, the music starts and you have to open your mouth and sing even if you're only eighty percent certain you can hit the high note
- Okay, any time you sit in the dentist chair and let him start with the giant needles
- Your pub date: The day on which your book emerges into the world and there's not a single thing you can change anymore (another great day for puking and, yes, I have a weak stomach).

So, how did I ultimately hit send? With a lot of help from some lovely writer friends. And my mom :)

How do you let go? What's your metaphor?

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