Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bookanistas: THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOU & ME by Madeleine George

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Plot without spoilers...Nobody knows that Jesse and Emily meet--and kiss--in secret. And nobody knows the joy, the pain, and the confusion the relationship is causing both girls. Set in a quaint town threatened by the opening of a WalMart-style superstore, THE DIFFERENCE explores that grey area of identity between knowing who you are and deciding the people around whom you are going to be your true self.

Of literary interest...That Madeleine George is an award-winning playwright shines brightly through the novel's fantastic structure--a combination of first- and third- person narratives focusing on Jesse, Emily and occasionally a third girl, Esther. For me, this mixture of tense and point-of-view superbly supports the novel's exploration of two girls with very different attitudes toward their own sexuality. I also love the two "manifestos" that frame the story--just read 'em!

Finally, just gotta say...George's novel takes on a number of big topics, from coming out to capitalism to cancer, yet the world she builds is also filled with levity and a sense of optimism. The story's clever plot, involving Corporate America and the high school formal, keeps you turning the pages toward the oh-could-the-confrontation-I'm-imagining-really-be-about-to-happen ending. Plus her descriptions of kisses are not to be missed. To coin a phrase, I'd call this novel an "empowerment romance" -- it'd be a great read alongside Cristina Garcia's DREAMS OF SIGNIFICANT GIRLS.

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