Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Show Me the "LIKE" - and I'll show you a secret!

THE EXPERIMENT: I'm told the algorithm for Amazon rankings involves "likes" and review stars as well as sales. Today, AUDITION* is in the dungeon at #589,751. Could a big uptick in "likes" could improve this? Let's try a test. If at least 33 people LIKE the book by noon (PST) tomorrow (Wed), bringing likes up to 50, I will post a screenshot of my Amazon Author Central data for you all to see here at the blog tomorrow.  Curious about what authors see? Two quick clicks and this author's secrets could be yours!

*Note that there is huge hourly fluxuation in Amazon rankings. HC has been as high as 30,900 (in October) and has so far peaked at 107,538 for March (on the 15th). Today just really sucks. Also, if you've ever meant to star-rank or review AUDITION (middling reviews totally don't offend me!), maybe today's the day ;)

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