Monday, April 2, 2012

Back to Business: THE MAGIC HOUR (for writing)

It is 10:35 am.  The kids are at school, I've done my sit-ups, and my stomach isn't even growling for lunch yet.  I'm here, alone, at my computer until 3 pm when "mommy time" begins again. But I'm not working on my manuscript yet.  Instead, I've zipped through my social media routine (email; updates for Twitter/Facebook/websites; and a bit of inexcusable surfing), returned two phone calls, and drafted the itinerary for the next leg of the Stages on Pages tour.

Sometimes I have guilt about this routine.  However, I've discovered over the years that I do my best creative writing after lunch.  Maybe it's the carbs.  Maybe I just need to know I've handled the business side of life before I can settle down.  And it could be that my "magic time" for writing will change.  But, for now, I've given myself permission to do NON-MANUSCRIPT-RELATED STUFF until 11 am.  Along with that, I MUST GIVE AT LEAST 2 HOURS to creative writing between 11 and 3.  Sometimes I go the whole four hours.  Sometimes, it's jittery segments of time interrupted by the phone, email, the dog, whatever.  But I get at least two hours in!

What's the insight here?

1. I have created space in my writer-life for the marketing stuff and have made my peace with it.
2. I have created a MANDATE TO WRITE that is flexible enough that I manage it almost every day.

What is your MAGIC HOUR for writing? Have you made peace with some kind of schedule?

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