Monday, June 11, 2012

Twitter and my ego (TWEGO?)

Like this little Twitter "follow me" icon I made today?  I love Twitter.  I enjoy following favorite writer and theater people. The Twitter experience feels more fun and less stressful than other, more complex social media outlets. Somehow it seems less score-keeper-y, less like-or-follow-or-real-person-or-author-page intense.  Some folks follow just a few friends and have many followers, others auto-follow and thus have an almost equal number of followees and followers.  Knowing that everyone uses Twitter a bit differently makes it  feel somehow less competitive.  Yet, I'll admit, I do still get a little thrill when new people follow me.  Sigh. Blush. Well, it's true. And I just thought I'd get it out there. Thus the inspiration for my new icon.  Heehee!

How do you feel about Twitter and the "follow/friend" game?

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Laura S. said...

I don't use Twitter that much, but I do like it! I forget about it sometimes. Plus, my Mac is 8 years old and my OS is three behind, and so I don't get internet updates anymore. Twitter loads sooooooooooo slooooooooow. It drives me nuts! I'm sure I'll be on it more when I get a new laptop this year.