Monday, July 23, 2012

Back-to-Business: SUMMER DAZE

I've got to admit I'm having a bit of trouble settling back into the writing life after my whirlwind vacation.  It's probably a combination of the freelance job backlog, the actual pleasure I'm taking in cooking and cleaning and organizing the family life, and doing things like connecting with friends and going to see my kids perform in shows. And, oh yeah, the aforementioned kids are also AROUND more, making a far less quiet house.

Of course, anyone who has been in the publishing biz for even a little while knows that summer is a slow time in publishing in NYC, too.  ALA and SCBWI summer events aside, children's and YA book publishing has a bit of an academic calendar tempo.

So, what to do?  Two things:

1. Get inspired by a cool, new idea and FORCE yourself to slog through the first draft.
2. Participate in some great summer blog events at sites like Eve's Fan Garden and Fiktshun (also Two Chicks on Books) and of course, soak up a bit of knowledge at this summer's WriteOnCon.

 What are your summer writing plans? Any tips for ducking that summer daze?


Rosanne said...

Writing in my tree house is my big summer motivator! And I do find the urge to start something completely new up here in the wind.

But then there's summer theater stuff with the kids and music and people coming over not to mention the appalling state of the yard. :-)

Thanks for the reminder about WriteOnCon!

Stasia said...

Hi Rosanne! So jealous of your treehouse :)