Monday, July 30, 2012

Bloggone Overwhelmed!

I've been blogging pretty darn consistently for a long time now.  Here are my stats:

And it's frustrating to see that my summer numbers are pathetic.  Worse still, my usually heathly queue of pre-written book reviews and back-to-business posts is empty!  Despite all the recent articles about the demise of social media, the tragic time-spent-to-positive-connections-made statistics, and so on, I actually enjoy blogging--enjoy keeping a sort of ongoing public journal of my writer life and staying connected to my fellow writers at all stages of this crazy game.

BUT...I've got five freelance writing projects PLUS a proposal in the works PLUS four kids in-and-out with summer activities and something has just gotta give.  Sigh.  It's gonna be the blog.  Not forever.  Just until school starts again and I knock a few of these jobs off my plate.  Meanwhile, I'll keep posting once-a-weekish and hope you won't give up on me.

Anybody else feeling "bloggone overwhelmed" by summer?  Want to weigh in on the current health of social media?  Have any good summer wines to reccommend?  May not be posting but could sure use some good advice!


storyqueen said...

Yes. I was blogging twice a week for YEARS and this Spring, my butt just got kicked. I can barely manage once a week.

The worst part is that I blog for me more so than anyone else, so it's an area that I've kind of let myself down....sigh.

But I'll still be here....


Stasia said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Shelley. I, too, find the blog very personally rewarding and it's frustrating to find myself without time to post more often. But, like you, I guess I'll keep chugging along, fingers crossed, and hope things settle down eventually! - Stasia