Monday, July 9, 2012

The Pressure to Post

Last Monday, I shared a flashback post from four years ago.  It made me realize that it's been awhile since I posted about the marketing business. Recently, the power of the blog has been questioned as more and more writers, readers, agents and so on have hung out their "virtual shingle."  The blogosphere has gotten very full. Twitter's immediacy and simplicity has made it the go-to social media site for many. The Facebook IPO was, well, about as messy as its new "banner" topped interface.  And what's that Pinterest thingy?

If you thought for a second in time that you had a handle on social media and marketing, take a breath because everything will probably change by the time you exhale.  Still, I dutifully blog, engage in periodic Twitter frenzies, and less often pay attention to my Tumblr and Facebook accounts (though I wouldn't be offended if you wanted to click on over ;)

So, what's the conclusion here? Despite its evolving significance, social media has been my number one resource for connecting with fellow authors for friendship, for beta-reads and for forming LIVE, IN-PERSON author touring groups.  And, blogging helps me think through strategies and ideas about writing, reading and the book business in an organized and recordable way.  All good things.

Do I think my social media presence has sold any ACTUAL COPIES of AUDITION? Honestly, no.  But I do think that a certain amount of virtual awareness is important to launch a book properly into the world and, in addition to the benefits noted above, the value of "cyber buzz" for a book should not be discounted. 

I'll admit there are downsides to social media.  The timesuck issue, of course.  The occasional decision to go on "build the follower base" quests that eat time and mess with your head. The conflict between sharing your publishing journey and being a pushy self-marketer. And, of course, the pressure to post even when you'd rather be out in the sun VACATIONING but you sit inside blogging because of the aforementioned downsides involving loss of followers and weird compulsions about commitment to "Mondays and Thursdays without fail."

Do you feel pressure to post?  Has your opinion of the point and power of blogging or other social media evolved?  Can I follow you on Twitter?  COMMENTS WELCOME!

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Unknown said...

I'm learning to take the pressure off and try to blog for fun and on my own terms. I'm still a huge fan of Twitter, which is the only social media platform I engage in.

And I agree, social media is also my best resource of connection. I'm not sure I'd be able to do what I do without it.