Monday, August 6, 2012

Ever wish you could apply to college all over again?

This weekend, the hubs and I spent hours discussing college applications with our eldest boy. 
Trimming the list of 25 "those look cool" establishments of high learning to a number you can afford to apply to and still have money for groceries is a challenge.  But it's also exciting.  Every ivy-and-brick image-laden website made me sigh with envy for that sense of beginnings.  Of potential.  Of being able to pack your bags and head someplace new with a clean slate and an endless list of could-come-true dreams. 

And, knowing what I know now? Imagine the kick-ass personal essay I'd write for the Common Application!  Image the clever twists my answers to the classic supplemental essay (Why College X?) would take?  Image how much more time I'd spend studying, interning, learning MORE STUFF if I actually GOT IN somewhere and WENT BACK.

But, I like to think the other kids at home would miss me. And I real don't want to give up the hubs as my #1 best roomie :)

So, instead, I research and debate and absorb all of that thrilling anticipation. Then I open my latest YA manuscript and pour all that desire into my characters' hearts.


Alex said...

I am an upcoming senior in HS, and I have dreaded college apps and SAT/ACT tests, but I think your post has made me more excited about the whole clean slate aspect. I am nervous about the essays though.

Stasia said...

You can do it, Alex! The Common Application essay is a maximum of 500 words. That's basically one page, double-spaced. And since you're cyber-visiting here, I'm betting you're a person who enjoys books and words. So, you've already got a head start. GOOD LUCK!!!! - Stasia PS - The fresh start of college is so exciting and liberating. You should definitely be excited :)