Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bookanista Catch-Up

After weeks off the Bookanista map (yes, I'm still burined in arcs for work, including a super-cool upcoming fantasy by Laurence Yep which I'll probably review soon), here's a bit of catch-up from the hard-working gals who are keeping the book-love in BOOKANISTA.  From last week and this...

Corrine Jackson adored ADORKABLE and is breathless about SUCH A RUSH
Katy Upperman raves about NOBODY BUT US
Tracy Banghart told the truth about IF I LIE
Jessica Love gave a shout-out to UNSPOKEN and is in a flutter over THE RAVEN BOYS

AND, psst...If you want to see the aweome cover of ELANA JOHNSON's next novel, ABANDON, go here (there's all kinds of pretty and contesty stuff and all that)!

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