Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Morning & Carrie Harris's Great BAD HAIR

So, you know how it never rains but it pours? In the Pacific Northwest, that's more than just a cliche, it's a winter reality. Before THE SOUND OF LETTING GO sold, I was on a role with a new ms and it was challenging to switch back to living as TSoLG main character Daisy when I'd been wearing the skin (gross image intentional--see below) of another MC for quite awhile. And, of course, I'll never know why it is that I'm in a freelance dry spell or have a scarily tall stack of must-read-for-work books (translation: now).
I could not get through this time without the support of some terrific writer friends, folks so incredible that instead of working on ms or job, I MUST take this morning to talk about one of them because she celebrated TWO BOOK LAUNCHES last week. AND I WANT TO CELEBRATE WITH AND FOR HER!

The astoundingly funny, generous (she's a beta-reader extraordinaire and is GIVING AWAY a six-month writing mentorship!) and talented CARRIE HARRIS is back on the shelves with BAD HAIR DAY, the next book featuring my geektastic braniac idol, Kate Grable and, of course, plenty of creepy critters (in this case, werewolves).
Carrie takes hair imagery to pompadour heights in this fast-paced, fantastically plotted horror-comedy novel. If you're on a pre-holiday budget limit, check out Carrie's novella, BAD YETI, headlined by Kate's inimitable brother Jonah, available on Kindle for only $2.99.  In case you need more convincing, here's my review of Bad Taste in Boys.

In honor of BAD HAIR DAY, I am posting here a picture of me with a PREPOSTEROUS POODLE PERM. I really wanted to share an as-yet-unseen gem of me with one of those 1985 half-long, half-short do's but I don't have a digital version of that yet (will look hard 'cuz that cut was a doozie).  So, here's me in college (in the blue sweater) with two of my besties and some serious attitude.

Now, head on over to Carrie's blog to see how you can win that awesome mentorship or just celebrate some serious BAD hair!

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Sylvie said...

You are a brave woman. Glad all my scanning could be put to good use!