Thursday, November 29, 2012

Reading Thursday & Bookanista Linkies

As I continue my struggle to balance writing, blogging, parenting and ALL OTHER ASPECTS OF LIFE, one thing I have realized that I miss is writing a weekly book review. Given my current deadline situation, it's not realistic to complete reading and writing a (thoughtful) review every week, so I'm going to compromise with a new feature, "Reading Thursday." It'll be a mixture of reviews and other reading-related posts. Today, I'm going to point you to blogs I have recently discovered that are great resources for contemporary YA and verse novel readers.

INTO THE HALL OF BOOKS is the blog of an amazing reader, Asheley, whose reading list, terrific challenges, and (this is selfishly my own preference!) Contemporary YA month feature make it special. But her thoughtful, detailed reviews are what make it spectacular.

FOR THOSE WHO KNOW is a blog devoted to verse novels and the people who write them. Cool, huh? Interviews with greats like Sonya Sones, reading lists and other verse novel resources.

Both of these books also feature simple, clean designs that make them a pleasure to read.

If you've got a few moments for clicking, give 'em a try!

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