Monday, January 14, 2013

Back-to-Business Monday: ALA Winter 2013 is in Seattle!

Wherever you are on your publishing journey, the American Library Association is an important resource for you. And, if you happen to run across an opportunity to visit an ALA conference sometime, YOU MUST GRAB IT. I am thrilled that ALA Midwinter is back in Seattle this January and even though I don't have a book coming out this year, I'll be meeting up with some writer friends to prowl the exhibit hall (a one-day exhibit pass is pretty reasonable), fan-girl some favorite writers, say hi to some amazing publishing professionals, and generally celebrate the awesome that is ALA.

If you're going, leave a comment here and let me know when we're doing coffee ;)

Whether or not you live close enough to Seattle to make this winter YOUR ALA, click this link to learn more about the conference, upcoming venues, and why you should listen to librarians!

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