Monday, February 25, 2013

Back to Business: SNARKY MARKETING

On the curvy, slippery, oft-nauseating road that is marketing your book, you occasionally stand on the precipice of a promotional idea that's a bit edgy. Maybe it's something that reveals some of your cynicism about the business, or your hurt from a perceived criticism or type of rejection.
File such ideas in your SNARKY MARKETING box. Seal the box with DUCT TAPE. Hear me? Not flimsy masking tape. Use the stuff that is also a home remedy for warts.
Possible snark illustration ;)
Let me be clear, snark as in using humor to stand up for what is right, to protest legitimate wrongs, is WAY-OKAY. Some snark to promote a snarky book or way of life (e.g., Fuggirls) can work. But snark in marketing your own books can backfire. Especially if your book is not snarky and you do not want it to be perceived as such.
So, even though this very morning I had an idea of snark-tastic hilarity that I actually think would drive people to my internet presence, I am sticking it into the snark box, albeit rather wistfully. Because even though I enjoy the occasional snark-fest at a cocktail party, my books--those precious, hard-earned published pages--deserve better.

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