Thursday, February 28, 2013

Filling the character well...

When I am writing/revising a novel, I carry my characters around with me all the time. Thoughts they might have, words they might say, pop into my mind at the strangest times. I do a great deal of research, including reading, interviews, and character worksheets. However, there's an evanescent part of character-building that I, for one, cannot quite reach through these methods. For this, I need movement or music. Although I rarely play tunes while actually writing, I find that music brings me to an emotional space that connects facts with feeling. For my current novel, I've been listening to a lot of
Miles Davis
Neon Trees
Ingrid Michaelson
Makem & Clancy
The Civil Wars
The Lumineers

An eclectic mix, I know, but it does what it needs to do: Open my heart and set my characters free.

And, while I'm revising and insufficiently participating in other blogospheric fun, here are a couple of virtual places you might want to visit today:

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 And away we go into March...!



Aurora Smith said...

March already?

Stasia said...

Yes, March already, Aurora. Sigh.