Monday, March 25, 2013

Back to Business: The amazing that is AUTHORGRAPH

Recently, the delightful and talented Corinne Jackson told me about a terrific way to send VIRTUAL AUTOGRAPHS to folks who read books on Kindle devices. It's a site called and lots of authors are signing on. Here's MY PAGE:

If you're a published author, check out this easy and fun way to connect with readers. You can personalize each autograph, and actually draw your signature with a mouse--or even with your finger if you have a touch-enabled device.

If you're a reader or educator, this could be a fun opportunity to personalize your e-book collection or to connect students with favorite authors in a new way. It's easy. And it's free!

Check it out!


Laura S. said...

This is so cool! I'm not an ereader –I still prefer those wonderfully old-fashioned ink and paper books- but I know people with Kindles and Nooks who'd like to know about this. Thanks for sharing!

Evan Jacobs said...

Hi! I'm the creator of Authorgraph.

Thanks for your post about the service. I really enjoy helping readers connect with their favorite authors and I'm working on some new features that will help readers discover their next favorites.

Stasia said...

Hi Laura! I'm at the point where I read both paper books and e-books. And I've got to say, Authorgraph is very cool and fun for authors with Kindle readerships!

Stasia said...

Thanks for stopping by, Evan. Congrats on Authorgraph and hope you'll stay in touch!