Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Waiting on Wednesday: I CAN ONLY READ THIS IF...

I've been watching with fascination as writers (and, uh Veronica Mars people) have raised funds online to make books and all kinds of incredible stuff happen. THAT I WANT.

So, this week, my WoW is a book I won't be able to read unless its Indiegogo campaign is a success. Normally I don't discuss such things on my blog BUT the brains behind this project are the amazing Sara of my (and author of the Bluewater comics graphic novel bio of The Hunger Games' Suzanna Collins) and the writing genius Julia Kagawa.

Now you're curious, right?

The project: Bluewater Comics plans  to turn Julie's incredible book THE IRON KING into a four-part Manga/graphic novel series. And you, me and the world can only read it if we Indie it into gear!

From Sara..."Publishing comic books is a pricey endeavor (no surprise there), so we're trying to raise the funds to cover the costs up front.... We still have a ton of awesome prizes for anyone who contributes...The Indiegogo campaign can be viewed here: " Check it out!