Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bookanistas: Poem in Your Pocket Day

We're just one week away from the Academy of American Poets' POEM IN YOUR POCKET DAY- a day to celebrate the beauty of verse in ways large and small. HERE'S THE LINK to the Academy's website with more info.

This is the book of poetry that got me EVEN MORE HOOKED on the form than I was before...

Here's the start of the poem "Two Husbands" that will be riding in my pocket next week. It's amazing how much insight Taylor packs into the first short stanza.

She says she'll leave him if he screws around;
why not attempt it, if that's all it takes?
He fears forgiveness through her, he has found
uprightness in his dreams of dodged mistakes.

(From THE FLYING CHANGE: Poems by Henry Taylor) - BTW, he won the Pulitzer for this book!


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