Monday, May 20, 2013

An Awesome Author Evening at University Bookstore!

Just got home from a terrific Simon & Schuster author event. The Summer Lovin' Tour touched down at Seattle's University Bookstore this evening. Here are my TOP FIVE superlatives and one bad photo because I am probably the world's worst photographer.

Jessi Kirby & Morgan Matson
They are seriously so adorable (if I could only focus a camera)!
Coolest cover secret: The spine under the hardcover jacket of Jessi Kirby's GOLDEN is actually gold. (Also, ask about her new surfboard.)

 Most Revelatory Food Obsession: Morgan Matson's literary relationship with corn-on-the-cob
"Could it be coincidence" or was Adele's James Bond cover song inspired by Shannon Messenger? Ooh. Hmm. Think about it.
Best "Can You Imagine": Kimberly Derting as a trucker-lady?
(Don't you wish you'd been there to hear that story?!)

New Fan-Girl Dream: To see one of Sarah Ockler's writing spreadsheets.
Really. Seriously. And you should dream this dream, too!


Shannon Messenger said...

Thank you so much for coming!

Stasia said...

Great to see you, Shannon!