Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bookanistas: THE FIFTH WAVE by Rick Yancey

Plot without spoilers...An alien invasion threatens to destroy humankind--and the humanity within those who remain alive. Can Cassie survive? And, if she does, who or what will be left of the girl she used to be before the coming of the Fifth Wave?

Of literary interest...Kudos to the book design team who created a look for the novel that matches its edgy structure. Beyond appreciating Cassie's impeccably-crafted apocalyptic world, and the thrill-a-minute plot that keeps you wondering who the good guys are right up to the final pages, readers will appreciate Yancey's deep, rich exploration of the meanings of words like "self," "other," "trust," and "hope."

Finally, just gotta say...I would never have picked up this arc if it had not been recommended to me by a very smart publishing biz gal. It's a big book (both long, page-wise, and highly promoted, marketing-budget wise). And the jealous-resentful-mid-list writer in me was initially resistant to spending hours reading these particular pages. But I am beyond glad that I did so because this novel is, simply, empirically and literarily a terrific read. Rick Yancey deserves the hype. So, uh, thanks Colleen!

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