Monday, July 29, 2013

Back to Business: The Book Trailer Question

I am back on the promo roller-coaster already (trying to get a jump start on plans) while trying to squeeze in enough time to do justice to my SHINY NEW NOVEL IDEA. And, of course, I once again face the question of THE BOOK TRAILER. These are labor-intensive, can be expensive, and I am not certain of their value.

For my first novel, I teamed up with the unstoppable sister duo Lisa & Laura Roecker, rented a dance studio, brought in some teen talent (filmmaker and dancer), and after agonizing struggles to convert and ship files, and countless hours of work on everyone's parts, we produced this:

Occasionally someone will point me to a lovely reader-created video like this one:

Or even cool reader art like this adorable NovelNovice post:
So the question now is: To create a trailer for THE SOUND OF LETTING GO or not to create said trailer?  Is it worth it? Are there distribution opportunities that would make it worthwhile?

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Unknown said...

I think that a trailer can convey the tone of a story while keeping spoilers to a minimum much better than a blurb or summary can. Also, videos have a way of finding their way around the internet and making themselves known, so I'm sure there's potential for a lot of value here. Whether it's enough to be worth your time and expense to get it idea. There has to be data out there somewhere of book sales with versus without promotional trailers. Right? Can't wait to find out what you decide to do! Best of luck!