Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Blogger's Bully Pulpit

I try to keep my opinions to myself. My blog is supposed to be about the writing life NOT politics and religion. Sometimes I think it's silly to worry about this since I have only 468 followers. As is often noted in social media, I don't really have a platform--a bully pulpit (love that phrase--Wikipedia says it was coined by Teddy Roosevelt)--just the ILLUSION of one. Everyone with a Twitter or Facebook account enjoys this illusion at some level these days.

So, why do I maintain a standard for opinion-sharing online? I suppose I haven't wanted to offend even my marginal numbers of blog and Twitter followers, and FB author page "like-rs".

Well, it doesn't matter anymore because today something happened that taught me the limit of my self-imposed restriction. The vice principal at my son's school was told he had to resign (or he'd be fired) because he married a man. Seriously. In the 21st century. I found out because (I am proud to say) my son texted to tell me he was not in class but, instead, protesting the administration's action.

To quote Seuss (THE LORAX) "...I got mad. I got terribly mad." I hopped aboard Twitter and Facebook, worries about offending aside--wry realization that my pulpit is not "bully" but "baby-sized" ignored.

I spoke up. I'm not sorry. And, though your numbers weren't huge, to the people who have replied, retweeted, and joined me in speaking up: Thank you.

Maybe a bunch of "baby pulpits" joined together can make a bully difference!

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