Thursday, January 30, 2014

The awesome that is my eldest son

Woke up this morning in what has become a chronic leading-up-to-pub-date funk to see the following post on my eldest's FB page (giving him full credit here as a Guest Blogger):

Second semester of my Freshman year of college has begun and as I stated on my first day of college, I already feel more edjumicated. I felt like posting a list of things I learned.
1. Dorm living sucks. Sharing a bathroom with 50 other guys (especially on the weekend) and how sickness travels and the general odor of BO, excrement and what I will politely call hand sanitizer and skunk.
2. Use bathrooms in the public buildings. They're cleaner.
3. You have friends, work and sl
eep and you can only choose two.
4. Coffee isn't an addiction. It's a lifestyle.
5. Go to the gym at irregular hours. Otherwise you get stuck using the elliptical rather than the treadmill.
6. If you don't have a class before noon you won't get up.
7. Disposable coffee cups are nice but refill them at the dining hall.
8. College food sucks. They lie, whatever they give you when you tour is so much better than the daily food.
9. 3am coffee. Enough said.
10. Eat breakfast in the morning.
11. The professor is more important than the class.
12. Study religiously. You're here to get a degree.
13. Sleep and decaf is for the weak.
14. Coffee=sunshine+rainbows+unicorns

Thomas, you are SO AWESOME!!!! And possibly the next Dave Barry. Now I am smiling...despite myself.

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