Thursday, February 27, 2014

Nice words from VOYA and A FAVOR!

THE SOUND OF LETTING GO blog tour has wrapped and the time has come for the world to forget about my book. Which will happen, even in the face of lovely reviews like the one from VOYA (Voices of Youth Advocates) excerpted below. Not to get maudlin, but sophomore novels don't ride the wave of energy and notice that debuts do. And we writers in the throes of non-debut novel releases are severely humbled by the realization of how little we can do to support our own work.

So, I am not getting out on the road on my own dime, organizing a book tour, writing press releases, and pounding the pavement signing stock, like I did with my first novel. Instead, I am letting THE SOUND OF LETTING GO "go" (heehee) and if its fate is the remainder pile, well, it's pretty much out of my hands.
That said, here's a last-ditch request. Could you help the book hang on in the Amazon Rankings a bit longer? Just HEAD TO the TSOLG AMAZON PAGE, click "review" and give the book a rating and/or comment. If you do find a moment to lend a hand, let me know by leaving a COMMENT below. My thanks will be a visit to your blog or website (if you leave a link). That's all I've got ;)
Here's the VOYA review.

“Daisy is an honor student and an extremely gifted trumpet player in her high school band. Opportunities abound for her acceptance into prestigious music programs. However, life with her autistic brother, Steven, has caused major turmoil in her household, drifting her parents away from each other and from her… Kehoe does an excellent job of delving into Daisy’s feelings and insights as she wrestles through many problem-filled situations. For a coming-of-age novel with a romantic backdrop, The Sound of Letting Go ranks among the best in its genre. Introspective and at times heart wrenching, the book will have a wide appeal for many female teenage readers.”— VOYA (Ursula Adams)

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